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Pictures added 19.5.2019:

Isle of Man normal series front plate CMN-819-B.jpg (60 kB)
(GBM) Normal series since 1987. 1994 onwards plate style. Front plate. MN = Isle of Man. Note: Unlike Great Britain, the last letter is not an age identifier.

USA California normal series 7PLR918.jpg (96 kB)
(USA) California Passenger series since 1980. 2011 base. No coding.

Lithuania trailer series MK 370.jpg (107 kB)
(LT) Trailer series since 1992. 2018 onwards plate style. No coding since 2003.

Norway personalized series NO WIFE.jpg (63 kB)Norway personalized series 13PR1ØR.jpg (63 kB)
(N) Personalized series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style.

Poland motorcycle series SC 838H.jpg (110 kB)
(PL) Motorcycle series since 2000. 2006 onwards plate style. SC = Częstochowa town in S = Śląskie province.

Pictures added 18.5.2019:

Denmark normal series BW 17675.jpg (70 kB)
(DK) Normal series since 2012. 2014 onwards plate style. White single line plate with five numerals, serial 10 000 - 75 999 and 78 000 - 97 999 = Private cars.

Denmark interim private goods vehicle series GJ 11405.jpg (65 kB)
(DK) Interim private goods vehicle series 2012. 2008-14 plate style. Yellow left hand third and white right hand two-thirds = Private goods vehicles.

Denmark interim commercial series DW 10648.jpg (69 kB)
(DK) Interim commercial series 2012. 2009 onwards plate style. Yellow single line plate with five numerals, serial 10 000 - 75 999 and 78 000 - 97 999 = Commercial vehicles. The interim series used the new numbering blocks with letter combinations later in the alphabet.

Netherlands temporary series GN-99-27.jpg (68 kB)
(NL) Temporary series. 2000 onwards plate style. GN = Temporary/ foreigner. 90-00 - 99-99 = Private vehicles of International Organizations, U.S. and Belgian military personnel attached to NATO.

Sweden normal series OUW 22G.jpg (64 kB)
(S) Normal series since 2019. 2014 onwards plate style. No coding.

Sweden personalized series DR OMAR.jpg (55 kB)
(S) Personalized series since 1988. 2014 onwards plate style.

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