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Picture added 2.10.2016:

Republic of Korea motorcycle series ** ** **8373.jpg (124 kB)
(ROK) Motorcycle series. 경기 = Gyeonggi. 안양 = Anyang. The lower line is serial.
Transcribed into Latin characters the plate reads Gyeonggi Anyang LA 8373.

Pictures added 25.9.2016:

Spain diplomatic series TA 30 014.jpg (41 kB)
(E) Diplomatic series since 2000. TA = Technical and administrative personnel. 30 = France.

Hungary temporary series Z-12940.jpg (46 kB)
(H) Temporary series since 1996. Z = Permanently imported. Valid until end of 2016.

Norway trailer series RL 8601.jpg (35 kB)
(N) Trailer series since 1971. 2012 onwards plate style (without sticker box).
RL = Stavanger. This is an older registration remade in 2012 style.

Norway trailer series former style HD 1168.jpg (38 kB)
(N) Trailer series since 1971. 1971-2001 plate style. Non-reflective until 1982. HD = Elverum.

Netherlands replacement plate former normal series 35-FL-DX.jpg (118 kB)
(NL) Replacement plate for 1999-2008 normal series. Since 2000.
The small numeral 3 indicates that this is the third replacement plate for this registration.

UAE Dubai normal series optional style I 2981.jpg (41 kB)
(UAE) Dubai normal series since 2004. Optional plate style since 2014. No coding.

Pictures added 24.9.2016:

Romania normal series owner selected B 999 EEB.jpg (47 kB)
(RO) Normal series since 2010 in Bucuresti. 2007 onwards plate style.
The first B = Bucuresti. Owners may select numbers and letters for an additional fee.

USA New York former normal series 420-DXE.jpg (102 kB)
(USA) New York Passenger series 1973-82. 1973-86 base. No coding.
This base plate was valid until 1988.

Pictures added 13.9.2016:

Australia Victoria motorcycle series 1N-1FP.jpg (146 kB)
(AUS) Victoria Motorcycle series since 2010. 1995 onwards plate style.

Morocco normal series 40829 |أ| 40.jpg (40 kB)
(MA) Normal series since 2000. 42 = Larache. The Arabic letter in the middle is 'A'.

Poland normal series motorcycle DZG 94VK.jpg (127 kB)
(PL) Normal series since 2000. 2006 onwards plate style. Motorcycle.
DZG = Zgorzelec in D = Dolnośląskie province.

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