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Pictures added 21.5.2018:

Finland Åland normal series ÅL 11449.jpg (82 kB)
(FIN) Åland Normal series since 2013. 1992 onwards plate style. ÅL = Åland.

Norway normal series miniature size CV 81034.jpg (67 kB)
(N) Normal series since 1971. 2017 onwards plate style (single line miniature size with flag and without sticker box). CV = Jessheim. This is an older registration remade in 2017 style.

Norway motorcycle series BH 6409.jpg (158 kB)
(N) Motorcycle series since 1971. 2012 onwards plate style (without sticker box).
No coding since 2017.

Norway personalized series CARL V.jpg (57 kB)
(N) Personalized series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style.

Norway personalized series 888CHX.jpg (58 kB)
(N) Personalized series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style.
With an unofficial black band sticker.

Netherlands military series KM-99-57.jpg (83 kB)
(NL) Military series. 2000 onwards plate style. KM = Koninklijke Marine (Navy).

Poland normal series PO 3EV36.jpg (74 kB)
(PL) Normal series since 2000. 2006 onwards plate style.
This format since 2017 in some districts. PO = Poznań town in P = Wielkopolskie province.

Sweden normal series unofficial style ATE 565.jpg (115 kB)
(S) Normal series since 1972. Unofficial plate style. No coding.

Slovenia normal series LJ 81-ZVI.jpg (87 kB)
(SLO) Normal series since 1992. Since 2017 three serial letters in the last positions in
some provinces. 2008 onwards plate style. LJ = Ljubljana. Town crest = Ljubljana.

Pictures added 14.5.2018:

Great Britain normal series rear plate LM14 NHB.jpg (66 kB)
(GB) Normal series since 2001. Rear plate. L = London.
LM = Borehamwood. 14 = 1.3.2014-31.8.2014. This plate has the flag of England.

Great Britain former normal series rear plate ROB 36R.jpg (57 kB)
(GB) Normal series 1963-83. Yellow rear plates mandatory since 1973. Remade with euroband in the 2001 onwards mandatory font. OB = Birmingham. R = 1.8.1976-31.7.1977.
This is a caravan displaying the registration of the prime mover.

Pictures added 13.5.2018:

Australia New South Wales motorcycle series MRK·42.jpg (117 kB)
(AUS) New South Wales Motorcycle series since 1990. No coding.

Germany normal series HH PA 1116.jpg (72 kB)
(D) Normal series since 1956. 1995 onwards plate style. HH = Hansestadt Hamburg.

Germany road tax free series SZ AI 14.jpg (89 kB)
(D) Road tax free series since 1956. Registration from the normal series.
1995 onwards plate style. SZ = Salzgitter.

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