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Czechu from Poland submitted a photo taken during the summer of 2005.

Austria official vehicle series BG 21006.jpg (37 kB)
Official vehicle series since 1967. 2002 onwards plate style. BG = Bundesgendarmerie (Federal Gendarmerie). 1 = Burgenland. The BG series ended in mid-2005. BG plates will be changed to BP.

From Germany comes this photo of a nice Austrian personalised plate of the former style (without euroband). W = Wien.

Austria personalised series former style W IEN 77.jpg (24 kB)

Andy Lachs submitted these photos of the 2002 Austrian EU plates.

Austria normal series square W 86469 A.jpg (22 kB)
W 86469 A is a 30 cm wide two line plate for cars. Most two line plates only have a five digit serial, in which case the whole serial is placed on the lower line.

Austria normal series motorcycle W 2829 H.jpg (27 kB)
W 2829H is a 25 cm wide two line plate for motorcycles. Newly issued motorcycle plates have four character serials, but this one has extra narrow dies because the serial has five characters.

Rainer Schrögenauer submitted these photos of Austrian military plates. BH = Bundesheer (Federal Army). 1990-2002 plate style.

Austria military series former style BH 21282.jpg (32 kB)

The second photo shows a tank with the registration painted directly onto the body. This series was introduced in 1999 for armoured fighting vehicles. S = Tracked armoured infantry vehicle.

Austria military series 68036-S.jpg (39 kB)Austria military series close-up 68036-S.jpg (3 kB)

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