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Clicking on the name of a country takes you to a page with up to 30 pictures of different plates from that country. For some countries there are several pages.

In addition many countries have duplicate pages. Pictures on such pages are of types already featured on the main pages, but some have special interest.

For text only version, please click on the abbreviation of the country name. This will take you to a menu for that country where you can choose to view one picture at a time.

New pictures recently added New pictures added 2.5.2024, see the latest additions.
Africa Americas Asia Europe Oceania


Albania (AL) PP
Alderney (GBA) PP
Andorra (AND) PP
Austria (A) PP
Belarus (BY) PP
Belgium (B) PP
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) PP
Bulgaria (BG) PP
Croatia (HR) PP
Czechia (CZ) PP

Denmark (DK) PP
Estonia (EST) PP
Faroe Islands (FO) PP
Finland (FIN) PP incl. Åland PP
France (F) PP
Germany (D) PP
Gibraltar (GBZ) PP
Greece (GR) PP
Guernsey (GBG) PP
Hungary (H) PP

Iceland (IS) PP
Ireland (IRL) PP
Isle of Man (GBM) PP
Italy (I) PP
Jersey (GBJ) PP
Latvia (LV) PP
Liechtenstein (FL) PP
Lithuania (LT) PP
Luxembourg (L) PP
Malta (M) PP

Moldova (MD) PP
Monaco (MC) PP
Montenegro (MNE) PP
Netherlands (NL) PP
North Macedonia (NMK) PP
Norway (N) PP
Poland (PL) PP
Portugal (P) PP
Romania (RO) PP
Russia (RUS) PP

San Marino (RSM) PP
Serbia (SRB) PP
Slovakia (SK) PP
Slovenia (SLO) PP
Spain (E) PP
Sweden (S) PP
Switzerland (CH) PP
Turkey (TR) PP
Ukraine (UA) PP
United Kingdom (UK) PP
Vatican City State PP

Allied Forces in Europe [AF] PP
International Organizations [IO] PP

Various plates/ unknown types [Var]
Other countries


Algeria (DZ) PP
Angola (AO) PP
Benin (RB) PP
Egypt (ET) PP
Gambia (WAG) PP
Ghana (GH) PP
Morocco (MA) PP
Seychelles (SY) PP
Sierra Leone (WAL) PP
South Africa (ZA) PP
Tristan da Cunha PP
Tunisia (TN) PP
Uganda (EAU) PP
Zambia (Z) PP


Argentina (RA) PP
Brazil (BR) PP
Canada (CDN) PP
Chile (RCH) PP
Guatemala (GCA) PP
Martinique [MQ] PP
Mexico (MEX) PP
Netherlands Antilles (NA) PP
Paraguay (PY) PP
United States of America (USA) PP


Armenia (AM) PP
Azerbaijan (AZ) PP
Cambodia (K) PP
China (CHN) PP
Cyprus (CY) PP
Georgia (GE) PP
Hong Kong (HK) PP
India (IND) PP
Indonesia (RI) PP

Iran (IR) PP
Iraq (IRQ) PP
Israel (IL) PP
Japan (J) PP
Jordan (HKJ) PP
Kazakhstan (KZ) PP
Korea, Republic of (ROK) PP
Kuwait (KT) PP
Lebanon (RL) PP

Malaysia (MAL) PP
Nepal (NEP) PP
Oman (OM) PP
Pakistan (PK) PP
Philippines (RP) PP
Qatar (Q) PP
Saudi Arabia (KSA) PP
Singapore (SGP) PP
United Arab Emirates (UAE) PP
Vietnam (VN) PP


Australia (AUS) PP
New Zealand (NZ) PP
Vanuatu (VU) PP

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