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Herman Wan submitted this photo of his Alberta passenger plate. Here's his explanation:

I would like to submit my plate. It is valid until the end of the month. I took it off my car today so I can photograph it indoors. This plate is from Canada, the province of Alberta. Plates take on the format of XXX-000, and did not include vowels A, E, U and Y (I, O, Q are always excluded) from the beginning. These vowels were included as part of the normal circulation of plates when the plates reached Txx-000, because apparently the province was running out of plates too quickly. Because of the introduction of vowels, my plate became a possibility. As a side note, the AAx series is reserved for handicapped drivers, Xxx series was reserved for motorcycles (since exhausted), and Zxx series was for snowmobiles. Thus, plates for regular vehicles started from BBB to YZZ, then the province proceeded to fill in the gaps from the beginning - BAA! Now we are almost close to DYZ, next up will be EAA. The story of my plate: My last name is Wan, and this plate is not a personalised plate as indicated by the hyphen between the alphabets and numerals. I got this plate just because a friend working at the registries told me which registry office in the province had this plate - it was a coincidence that the plate was issued in my city, Calgary! I could have had to drive 800 km if the plate was issued in the northernmost city in the province!

Canada Alberta normal series WAN-123.jpg (22 kB)

Nicola Merchiori submitted this photo of a standard New Brunswick plate. This type was used between 1990 and 2003. Photo taken in 2003.

Canada New Brunswick normal series former style GGT-362.jpg (13 kB)

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