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This page and the next list changes in normal series (passenger) plates in European countries since 1970. Changes to stickers or reflectorization usually not included.

Future dates (in red) are uncertain and may be subject to change.

2049 - (UK) The DVLA states that once 49/99 has been reached in 2049 the system will be reversed, according to Europlate.

Around 2027 - (CH) New plates, or at least a change to the numbering format, will be needed as Zürich has passed 900 000 and is getting ever closer to 999 999. See article in German. Recently it has been suggested that the numbering will continue above 1 000 000.

2020s - (NL) The following formats (sidecodes) will be used in the future: AAA-99-A, A-99-AAA, 9- AA-999, 999-AA-9.

Around 2020 (?)(UK - Northern Ireland) When the current series start to be exhausted the series will likely reverse, e.g. 1001 AIA.

Oct 2023 - (LT) The Lithuanian coat of arms (Vytis) will be added to plates. See information in English.

Aug/Sep 2023 - (CZ) Praha is about to complete the 1AA 0001 series. The next series will be 1AA A001. Photo courtesy of Jurij Erzar: 1AA A000.

Mid-January 2023 (SK) District coding discontinued. A new centralised series in a new lettering style starting from AA 001 AA, skipping combinations already used with district coded plates. See information in Slovak and an older article. Photo courtesy of Peter Knuudl Hegyeshalmi: AA 002 AA.

1 Jul 2022 (H) New plates with the Hungarian coat-of-arms were introduced. The serial is AA*AA-123. See information in Hungarian and more information. Photo courtesy of Heczendorfer Gábor AA*AZ-656

28 Sep 2021 (GB/UK) The distinguishing sign for display in international traffic changed from GB to UK. See letter from the United Nations and an article from Auto Express. RO21 ZPX

1 Jan 2021 - (GBZ) The Brexit transition period ended and Gibraltar left the European Union. The European stars have been removed from the blue band, but existing vehicles with euroband plates can continue to use them.

1 Jan 2021 - (GB) The Brexit transition period ended and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland left the European Union. It is no longer permissible to fit plates featuring the euroband to vehicles, but existing vehicles with euroband plates can continue to use them.

July 2020 (BY) The country code BY changed from black to green. See information in Russian. A 7087E-7

Early 2020 (P) New style plates introduced. Hyphens and the yellow band with year and month of first registration have been dropped. The new series is AA 01 AA. See information in Portuguese. AA 61 OS

19 Aug 2019 - (NL) New series, starting from G-001-BB. See article in Dutch and another article. G-241-GH

Jul 2019 - (EST) Normal series plates started to be issued with random letter combinations. Spacing of letters changed. 121 CRG 317 WCL

12 Feb 2019 - (MK/NMK) Macedonia changed its name to North Macedonia. New plates with country code NMK introduced soon after. See news article in English and another article.

16 Jan 2019 - (S) The format ABC 12D was introduced. See article in Swedish and official information from Transportstyrelsen. OUW 22G

Apr 2018 - (LT) New style plates. Stickers and sticker boxes removed. KOL 811

By 2018 - (TR) New series (at first only in Ankara and İstanbul). District code followed by three letters and three numerals. 34 BHN 664

Summer 2017 - (SLO) New serial format, first in Ljubljana LJ 12-ABC. Photo courtesy of Jure Erzar. LJ 81-ZVI

2017 - (PL) New serial format in some districts. PO 3EV36

1 Aug 2016 - (HR) Europlates introduced. No changes to the system. See photo courtesy of Jure Erzar. SL 872-AK ZG 2117-GF

2016 ? - (SRB) System extended to four numerals (at first only in Beograd). BG 1654-TO

1 Apr 2015 - (UA) Plates with a blue band introduced. See article from Auto AA 4580 PM

1 Apr 2015 - (MD) A new centralised system introduced. See official information. VYH 698

30 Mar 2015 - (NL) New series, starting from GB-001-B. GF-430-X

1 Sep 2014 - (GE) A new system on blue band plates introduced. See official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

By Sep 2014 - (SLO) New serial format, first in Ljubljana LJ 123-AB. Photo courtesy of Jure Erzar showing the old and new combinations. LJ 525-FR

6 Aug 2014 - (AM) New style plates. See news article and a photo courtesy of Nils Haine.

Feb 2014 - (PL) New serial format in some districts. PO 3C008

2014 - (MC) System reversed starting at 001B. 942L

1 Jan 2014 - (S) Changes to the appearance of plates and reduction of number of different types. Photo courtesy of Stephan Feuk showing his new and old style plates. CMD 262

1 Jul 2013 - (HR) Croatia joined the European Union. See statement by President Barroso. Plates with euroband not introduced before 2016.

Jun 2013 (?) - (FIN - Åland) System extended with an extra numeral both with and without serial letter. ÅLA 1000 and ÅL 10000. ÅLA 1002 ÅL 11449

3 Jun 2013 - (CY) New style plates, officially issued. Normal series black on white both front and rear.

5 Mar 2013 - (NL) New series, starting from 1-KBB-00. See article. 3-TDR-54

1 Jan 2013 - (IRL) An extra numeral added to the year prefix. This will change twice a year. See newspaper article. Photo courtesy of Dermot Comerford. 141-D-134 141-D-6333 132-WW-450

6 Jun 2012 - (DK) New simplified blocking of registration numbers. See official information in Danish (pages 126-129). First an interim series used letter combinations later in the alphabet. JW 16851. Not long after they started over from AA. AB 44887

20 Feb 2012 - (MK) New series with four numerals on blue band plates introduced. SK 3750 AG

1 Jan 2012 - (N) Return to aluminium plates. Plates are like the ones issued 2006-08, except a slightly different sticker box. Sticker box removed altogether later in the year as revalidation stickers were abolished. See article in Norwegian. DN 96650

2011(?) - (RSM) New style coat of arms introduced.

Dec 2011 - (AZ) New style plates with a rectangular flag and a microchip introduced.

1 Nov 2011 - (MD) New style plates with a blue band introduced. C QT 674 CT AL 569

2 May 2011 - (AND) Redesigned plates with the letters AND introduced. K 5185

Mar 2011 - (V) Appearance of plates slightly changed. See Targhe Vaticane.

16 Feb 2011 - (AL) New centralised system on plates with two blue bands introduced. See information in Albanian. Photo courtesy of Domagoj Franciskovic. AA 808 EX

1 Jan 2011 - (SRB) New system on plates with a blue band introduced. NS 010-IĐ

6 Dec 2010 - (SRB - Kosovo) New system on plates with a blue band introduced. See official information in English and a photo courtesy of Daniel Bronden. Another photo courtesy of Gregor Stricker.

16 Nov 2010 - (B) New system on proper europlates introduced. See article about the first plate. 1-AAA-563

4 Jan 2010 - (RO) New series introduced in Bucuresti, starting from B 001 AAA. B 208 GAB

12 Oct 2009 - (DK) Optional europlates introduced, starting from AF 20 000. See article in Danish. DW 50474

28 Sep 2009 - (BIH) Plates with a blue band and new lettering introduced. New serial format A12- B-345. K38-O-492.

Sep 2009 - (GE) Country identification on plates changed from GEO to GE.

15 Apr 2009 - (F) Introduction of a new centralised system. See article from Le Figaro with photo of the first plate. More information from Francoplaque and another article from Le Figaro. AA-596-AA

17 Feb 2009 - (CZ) Praha reached 9A9 9999. New series started from 1AA 0001. (Trailers had already started this series in late 2008). 1AB 8414

1 Jan 2009 - (N) Plastic plates from a new supplier introduced. TF 24578

Late 2008 - (BG) Europlates introduced. B 6489 PP BH 9218 BM

Sep 2008 - (DK) New lettering style introduced, in preparation of optional europlates to be introduced in Oct 2009. The new lettering style had already been in use for replacement plates since the spring of 2008. ZS 36 799

1 Jul 2008 - (SLO) New series and a return to the former lettering style with green border. LJ CP-248

25 Jun 2008 - (B) New format 123-ABC introduced. See article in Dutch. 897-AGN

6 Jun 2008 - (MNE) New plates introduced. See information from Wikipedia and a photo, courtesy of Heczendorfer Gábor. Close-up of the blue band, close-up of the shield.

18 May 2008 - (NL) New series. 02-GKL-3

25 Jun 2007 - (IS) New serial format AB C23 introduced. FJ R37

May 2007 - (RO) Europlates introduced. B 71 PPS AR 08 TWH

27 Apr 2007 - (F) White rear plates authorized. 9254 YY 84 425 FFY 92

By Apr 2007 - (PL) New serial format in some districts. ZKL 926JW

2007 - (GE) New national flag added to plates. See photo courtesy of Sergey Lubnin.

1 Jan 2007 - (BG) and (RO) joined the European Union. Romania introduced europlates in May 2007, but Bulgaria waited until late 2008.

1 Nov 2006 - (N) New style plates with blue band and Norwegian flag. Official date of introduction 1 Nov, but the first plates were seen 25 Oct. TF 24543. Plates in the new style, but without the blue band optional. TS 24245

1 Jul 2006 - (BG) Black, yellow and white plates without blue band no longer legal. A-B-6573 B-9499-H C-6976-CX BT 8623 TB

3 and 5 Jun 2006 - (SCG) The union of Serbia and Montenegro ended when Montenegro (3 June) and Serbia (5 June) formally declared independence. New international identification letters are MNE and SRB.

1 Jun 2006 - (SK) The Slovak coat of arms added to plates between the district code and the serial. TN 981 CB

Apr/ May 2006 - (PL) Serial format AB C1234 introduced, but only used for a few months in Wrocław and Poznań. See photo courtesy of Greg.

4 May 2006 - (PL) Europlates introduced. NO 69435 GD 4845K DW 052AJ OGL V770 BIA 16WK WWY 7L95 GKA EV14 GWE 88H4 PKN 6CM6. Plates with 8 characters introduced, new serial formats FSD 01677 and LUB 0834C.

2006 - (PL) Serial format ABC 1DE2 in use in some districts. Like PKN 6CM6, but with Polish flag.

By summer 2005 - (SLO) New serial format introduced in Ljubljana. LJ 36-0NL

25 May 2005 - (P) New serial format. 97-AA-73

May 2005 - (RUS) Three digit district codes introduced as needed in various districts, adding 100 to the original codes. B 372 AB | 150

By 2005 - (PL) Serial format ABC 12D3 in use in some districts. Like GWE 88H4, but with Polish flag.

1 Jan 2005 - (SK) Former series plates no longer valid. TN-77-90 TTC-00-81 NRI 41-39

20 Sep 2004 - (LT) Europlates introduced. AHO 890

Sep 2004 - (GR) Europlates introduced. IZB-4320

Mid-2004 - (CY) Europlates officially introduced. Unofficial europlates with both the EU flag and the flag of Cyprus had been in use since the early 2000s. BAP 935

1 Jul 2004 - (F) Europlates mandatory. 85 XB 80 178 ZK 83 3867 YA 67 93 AKW 78 791 AYP 92

1 Jun 2004 - (CZ) Europlates introduced. 4S5 0233

1 Jun 2004 - (EST) Europlates introduced. 737 MEK

May 2004 - (BY) New system, plates with flag and BY. 2987 AB-2

5 May 2004 - (LV) Europlates introduced. AA-56 FV-384 FC-4731

1 May 2004 - (H) Europlates introduced. JXF-600

1 May 2004 - (SK) Europlates introduced. MA-323 BA

1 May 2004 - (SLO) Europlates introduced. GO N1-047 KR 88-00D MB R5-27D

1 May 2004 - 10 new countries joined the European Union (CY, CZ, EST, H, LV, LT, M, PL, SK, SLO). All except Poland introduced europlates within the year. Malta had already done this in 1995. Poland followed in 2006.

1 May 2004 - (LT) Stickers moved from the centre to the left of the plate. ADB701

Spring 2004 - (IS) Flag and letters IS added to plates. ZV 798

1 Mar 2004 - (UA) Completely new system. BX 1495 AB

Autumn 2003 - (LT) District coding discontinued. No change to the appearance of the plates. ABK 731

Sep 2003 - (PL) New serial format in some districts. PGN AT33

1 Jul 2003 - (L) New series of two letters and four numerals on plates with a regular euroband front and rear. ZQ 7132

2003 - (TR) New serial format in some districts. 16 M 00206. Photo courtesy of Sibel Bal.

1 Apr 2003 - (S) Europlates introduced. Old style plates still optional. WJG 814

1 Feb 2003 - (NL) Yellow plates without euroband no longer valid. SF-43-PR GT-ZH-65 36-DB-VH

Nov 2002 - (GBJ) J 99999 reached and followed by J 100000. J 100002

4 Nov 2002 - (A) Europlates introduced. K 510BV G 55WRE W 17740N I 3348AD GR 217M RO 16SC IL 753EJ

2002 - (AL) New style plates. LA 9984 A

Sep 2002 - (PL) New serial format in some districts. WWY 5A23

1 Jan 2002 - (S) New style plates. TDC 056

14 Dec 2001 - (N) New style plates. Officially introduced 1 Jan 2002, but the first plates were seen 14 Dec 2001. AR 84362

6 Sep 2001 - (GBZ) G 99999 almost reached. System extended with a suffix letter from G 1000 A. Front plate: G 1605 D. Rear plate: G 1605 D

1 Sep 2001 - (GB) Completely new system, euroband optional. YC51 TFA SM51 LFN FL51 FDX AE02 RYA

1 Jul 2001 - (CZ) Completely new system. 1M1 1793

1 Jul 2001 - (EST) Former Soviet plates no longer valid.

1 May 2001 - (FIN) Europlates introduced. Old style plates still issued on request. BZF-987

2001 - (HR) System extended to four numerals and two serial letters (at first only in Zagreb). ZG 1295-AB

1 Nov 2000 - (D) Former style plates no longer issued. W-N 8 PI-KP 606 DÜW-YJ 16

26 Oct 2000 - (IRL) Six digit serial issued for the first time. 00-D-106606

18 Sep 2000 - (E) Completely new system on europlates. 3906 BKX. Former series plates may be remade with euroband. O 9454 BU A-0026-CY SA 3995 U MA 0753 AY

1 May 2000 - (PL) Completely new system with blue band plates. OB 00006 GD 0377P WE 301AE BIA A705 POS 44AH (some formats originally only used for trailers).

1 Mar 2000 - (BY) New series with a third letter. 5899 AAB

1 Feb 2000 - (NL) Europlates introduced. 94-FJ-HS. All plates issued since 1977 had to be exchanged, but kept their registrations. 18-RX-38 XR-44-VV NZ-FS-50

2000 - (BG) New blue band plates. C 4138 KA CT 0764 CC

30 Nov 1999 - (YU) New plates introduced in Kosovo. 402-KS-446

Sep 1999 - (B) New style plates. APF-368

17 Jun 1999 - (NL) New series. No longer valid on plates without euroband. 36-DB-VH

By Apr 1999 - (A) Serial of three numerals and two letters standardized in all districts except Wien and Innsbruck. SL 699BH

1 Jan 1999 - (I) Europlates introduced. BC 092 ZF BD 511 WL

1998/99 - (A) New format (in Innsbruck Land). IL 11CPK

Second half of 1998 - (YU) Red star replaced by national flag. SD 666-55 BG 106-943

1 Aug 1998 - (BIH) Former Muslim, Croat and Serb series no longer valid. BI-9370 AA TR 317-FA

2 Feb 1998 - (BIH) Completely new unified system. 519-K-238

1 Jan 1998 - (P) Yellow date band added to plates. 49-69-JX

By May 1997 - (SLO) New series (at first only in Ljubljana). LJ A4-12A

By Apr 1997 - (TR) New series (at first only in İstanbul). 34 UT 7781 34 ZD 8866

1 Apr 1997 - (SK) Completely new system. SC-434 AC

1997 - (HR) System extended to four numerals and a serial letter (at first only in Zagreb). ZG 2366-D

1 Sep 1996 - (PL) System extended with a serial letter in some provinces. KAY 501K

Apr/ May 1996 - (AM) Completely new system. 99 SL 969

By Feb 1996 - (TR) Blue band plates in use (optionally). 34 DG 006 34 UEA 40

1 Jan 1996 - (CY) Year letter discontinued. No change to the appearance of the plates.

1 Jan 1996 - (FO) Completely new system with blue band plates. LF 679

31 Dec 1995 - (H) Former series ceased to be valid.

5 Nov 1995 - (M) Completely new system with europlates. DUE 222

Sep 1995 - (BIH) New series with blue band plates in the Muslim areas. No longer valid. BI-9370 AA

c.1995 - (GE) National flag dropped from plates. See photo courtesy of Sergey Lubnin.

1995 - (AL) New style plates with red band. LA 2034 A

15 Jan 1995 - (D) Europlates (without hyphens) introduced nationwide. Old style plates still optional. L G 9 KG AS 246 NWM KR 50

1 Jan 1995 - (UA) Completely new system. 14 602-59 TB

1994 - (CZ) New style plates. JE 63-23, AHA 17-51

1 Nov 1994 - (GBM) New style plates with red band. Former style still optional. FMN-245-M CMN-528-Y

By Sep 1994 - (SK) New lettering style. No longer valid. NRI 41-39

By 22 Mar 1994 - (I) Completely new system. AA 120 WE AB 077 SN

1994 - (SLO) New series (first in Ljubljana). LJ 25-09A

1994 - (BIH) New series in the Muslim areas. Two code letters followed by five numerals and a letter. No longer valid.

1994 - (A) New format (first in Salzburg Land). SL 699BH

1 Jan 1994 - (D) Europlates introduced in Berlin and Brandenburg. B-Z 2879 UM-DM 707 MOL-MT 80

1 Jan 1994 - (S) New style plates. PFA 288

31 Dec 1993 - (D) Former DDR-plates ceased to be valid. CN 22-13 KUG 6-82

Late 1993 - (AZ) Completely new system. 10-XD-257

Late 1993 - (RUS) Completely new system. H 334 AA | 53 E 213 EP | 78

3 Dec 1993 - (RSM) New series. A4214

Aug 1993 - (GE) Completely new system. See photo courtesy of Kurt Leuthold.

Jun 1993 - (MK) Completely new system. BT 256-BV

1993 - (AL) New series. Two letter district code, four numerals and a serial letter. No longer valid.

1993 - (BG) Hyphens gradually dropped from plates. No longer valid. A 0337 T C 4425 CH EH 0074 T BT 8623 TB

1993 - (I) System extended with a serial letter in the third position (only in Milano). MI 29A901 MI 15A317

1993 - (UA) New style plates. c 5022 IH

1993 - (AZ) Completely new system. Two numerals, one letter and three numerals.

By Mar 1993 - (LV) Completely new system. AJ-1 ER-13 AK-969 CT-6876

1 Jan 1993 - (EST) Provincial coding introduced (the first letter). New style border. 056 MBB

1 Jan 1993 - (F) White front and yellow rear plates mandatory, europlates optional. 63 XC 60 8706 VF 59 309 LQM 75 178 ZK 83 32 MVR 75

1 Jan 1993 - (CS) Partitioned into (CZ) and (SK).

31 Dec 1992 - (HR) Former Yugoslav plates ceased to be valid.

25 Dec 1992 - (MD) Completely new system. C DL 974

1992/93 - (BIH) New series with Cyrillic lettering in the Serb areas (Republika Srpska). Two code letters followed by four or five numerals with a hyphen in the middle. No longer valid.

1992/93 - (BIH) New series in the Croatian part (Herzeg-Bosna). No longer valid. TR 317-FA

Jul 1992 - (BG) New series using only letters common to the western and Cyrillic alphabets. Colours changed from yellow to white. No longer valid. P-0107-T C-6976-CX PB-0448-H CT-3846-AA

1 Jul 1992 - (BY) Completely new system. 0164 KA

1 Jul 1992 - (LT) Completely new system. BVT 107

1 Jun 1992 - (FIN - Åland) New style plates. ÅLG 84 ÅLB 642

May 1992 - (RO) New system with blue band plates. B 29 VDV IS 07 MYT

1992 - (HR) System extended with a second serial letter (at first only in Zagreb). ZG 728-ZI

4 Mar 1992 - (P) New series. 64-36-GN

1992 - (SLO) Completely new system. LJ C7-719

1 Jan 1992 - (HR) Completely new system. DA 740-V

1 Jan 1992 - (P) Europlates introduced. XT-23-32

25 Dec 1991 - (SU) The Soviet Union ceased to exist.

21 Dec 1991 - (EST) Completely new system. 968 JAE

2 Sep 1991 - (NL) New series. No longer valid on plates without euroband. GT-ZH-65

1991 - (YU) Break-up of Yugoslavia.

Feb 1991 - (AL) Private vehicle plates introduced. White on black. Two numerals, two letter district code, three numerals. No longer valid.

1 Jan 1991 - (D) The West German system introduced in the former DDR. C-H 86 DD-AS 6154 GRM-C 403

1 Jan 1991 - (IRL) Europlates introduced. 93-G-1828 93-D-15138 93-LK-613 90-TN-1788

Dec 1990 - (CY) New series. BAP 935 AAM 449

3 Oct 1990 - (D) (DDR) Germany reunited.

1 Aug 1990 - (H) Completely new system. CVE-924

17 Apr 1990 - (AND) The new series continued on old style plates. All existing new series plates were withdrawn and replaced. B 6635

1 Jan 1990 - (A) Completely new system. I 5463D W 984VW B 15KVT W 50076C UU 216X SP 80AD BM 4TNG

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