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Pictures added 14.8.2022:

Andorra personalised series NEMI 2.jpg (101 kB)
(AND) Personalised series since 2014. 2011 onwards plate style.

Germany tax reduced series HH XL 284.jpg (64 kB)
(D) Tax reduced series since 1956. Registration from the normal series. 1995 onwards plate style. HH = Hansestadt Hamburg.

Ireland normal series 152-WH-63.jpg (64 kB)
(IRL) Normal series since 2013. 1991 onwards plate style. 152 = First registered in the second half of 2015. WH = Westmeath (An Iarmhí).

Norway personalised series C F.jpg (55 kB)Norway personalised series 1ENYAQ.jpg (53 kB)
(N) Personalised series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style.

Norway normal series TL 29289.jpg (63 kB)
(N) Normal series since 1971. 2012 onwards plate style (without sticker box) with the blue band covered by a white sticker, optional until 2022. TL = Stord.

Great Britain normal series front plate WP61 VSJ.jpg (59 kB)
(UK) Normal series since 2001. Front plate. W = West of England. WP = Bristol. 61 = 1.9.2011- 29.2.2012. With the addition of a UK sticker after the international distinguishing sign was changed in 2021.

Pictures added 7.8.2022:

Czechia normal series 8AN 2735.jpg (77 kB)
(CZ) Normal series in some districts since 2009 (2008 for trailers). 2004 onwards plate style. A = Praha city.

France normal series motorcycle AV-752-NE.jpg (108 kB)
(F) Normal series since 2009. Motorcycle. 74 = Haute-Savoie in region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Kazakhstan trailer series EWA 45 |02.jpg (107 kB)
(KZ) Trailer series since 2012. 02 = Almaty city.

Luxembourg personalised within the normal series FU 1004.jpg (72 kB)
(L) Personalised within the normal series since 2003. All serials below 4000 are personalised.

Norway personalised series SULA 3.jpg (41 kB)Norway personalised series SULA 7.jpg (44 kB)
(N) Personalised series since 2017. 2012 onwards plate style.

Slovakia normal series PD 428 GO.jpg (76 kB)
(SK) Normal series since 1997. 2006 onwards plate style. PD = Prievidza.

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