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Matej submitted a photo taken in 2005.

Slovakia former export series ZV V 133.jpg (40 kB)
Export series 1997-2023. 2004-23 plate style. ZV = Zvolen. The last V = Export. Valid until the end of August 2005.

Czechu from Poland submitted this photo taken during the summer of 2005.

Slovakia military series former style 52-22180.jpg (37 kB)
Military series since 1997. 2000-04 plate style, valid until 30.4.2005. ASR = Armada Slovenskej Republiky. 52 = Registered in the year 2002.

Matej submitted this photo of a Slovak government vehicle in the 2004-06 plate style. P = Police and Ministry of the Interior.

Slovakia Police and Ministry of the Interior series former style P-00049.jpg (23 kB)

Martin Lassak submitted the next photo.

Slovakia administrative and technical series former style ZZ 18062.jpg (17 kB)
Diplomatic series since 1993. 2004-06 plate style. ZZ = Administrative and technical personnel. 18 = France.

Matej submitted these photos of various Slovak plates. Photos from 2003. All are in 1997-2004 plate style.

Slovakia former normal series motorcycle BB 992 AA.jpg (14 kB)
Motorcycle series. BB = Banská Bystrica.

Slovakia diplomatic series former style EE 12007.jpg (16 kB)
EE = Diplomatic Corps. 12 = China.

Slovakia vehicles imported without the proper technical requirements former style C 04493.jpg (20 kB)
C = Privately imported vehicles which have failed Slovak technical inspection.

Slovakia former dealer plate series BB M 120.jpg (15 kB)
BB = Banská Bystrica. M = Dealer plates.

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