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There is some discrepancy between various sources regarding Korean plates. The following are the explanations of the submitters of the photos.

Jan Verasdonck submitted some photos, taken in 2008.

South Korea normal series 39 4618.jpg (49 kB)
Normal series. 2007 onwards plate style. 01-69 = Passenger vehicles for up to 10 people.

South Korea taxi series 34 6907.jpg (33 kB)
Taxi series. 2007 onwards plate style. 서울 = Seoul.

South Korea motorcycle series CH 7836.jpg (53 kB)
Motorcycle series.

South Korea temporary series 403690.jpg (44 kB)
Temporary series. Valid 4 January - 13 January 2008.

Justin Barrass submitted some photos, taken in 2005.

South Korea diplomatic series 1 002001.jpg (43 kB)
South Korea diplomatic series close-up 1 002001.jpg (33 kB)
Diplomatic series. The symbols on the top line mean diplomatic, in this case an Ambassador. 002 = United Kingdom.

South Korea government series 23 3302.jpg (29 kB)
Government series. The symbol in the circle means Guk (Nation).

South Korea high ranking military officer star.jpg (31 kB)
High ranking military officer.

UNCMAC 050019.jpg (43 kB)
UNCMAC close-up 050019.jpg (37 kB)
UNCMAC = United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission.

South Korea construction vehicle 1154.jpg (23 kB)
Construction vehicle. The characters on the upper line mean Gyeonggi Association. The characters within the circle mean commerce.

South Korea commercial vehicle 86 2980.jpg (25 kB)
Commercial vehicle from Incheon.

Park from Korea submitted this photo in 2005 of a revised version of the normal series. The plan was that in 2005 this version would be used for some police and government plates. In 2006 it would be used for private vehicles, but with a better design. Eventually the new normal series plates started in 2007.

South Korea revised version normal series 17 3891.jpg (29 kB)

Park also submitted several photos of various Korean plates. Photos from 2004. Andreas Lachs has added some photos.

South Korea normal series 38 7733.jpg (18 kB)
Normal series 2004-07. 38 = Kyŏnggi-do province. Photo: A. Lachs.

South Korea former normal series 54 5387.jpg (27 kB)
South Korea former normal series close-up 54 5387.jpg (12 kB)
Normal series 1978-2004. Location: Seoul city, 54 = Gangdong district. Issued in 2003.

South Korea former normal series 33 5097.jpg (16 kB)
Normal series 1978-2004. Location: Kyŏnggi-do province, 33 = Sungnam city. This was photographed in Norway(!) by Park's brother and shows an ROK oval in use.

South Korea former normal series 47 7310.jpg (19 kB)
Normal series 1978-2004. Location: Gwacheon city, Kyŏnggi-do province. White plates were issued in a few cities in 2003.

South Korea rental vehicle 33 5612.jpg (31 kB)
Rental vehicle since 1996. Jeju city, Jeju island. The letter 'heo' on the left means rental vehicle.


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