Two-line plates are denoted with a / at the line break

HTH 477 Probably a remade Lithuanian plate. Could also be from Finland, Belgium or even Malta. In Sweden this registration belongs to a Renault Twingo. It is also not from Cyprus.

HTH 477 Close-up of the above.

H1 PAY Fake personalized plate, as confirmed by Monegasque authorities. Monaco does not permit personalized plates. Furthermore, the plate is not the right size and without security markings.

H1 PAY Close-up of the above.

HFT 822 Most likely an unofficial replacement plate for a normal series Finnish registration.

HFT 822 Close-up of the above.

PB/17 FR Most likely an unofficial plate for a French moped. Those were unregistered at the time this photo was taken. Seen at an offshore powerboat race.

AMD 102 This is most likely an unofficial replacement plate for a Belgian registration.

EF-AA 212 Swedish replacement plate. 1985 onwards plate style. This is an official Swedish replacement plate, with police stamp, for a German plate from EF = Erfurt. Both front and rear plates looked the same.

F 12 Unknown type. Seen on an old agricultural tractor. This is most likely not a registration plate at all, but the name plate from a Volvo F12 truck.

A-322 Unknown type. Self-adhesive sticker plate. Also seen A-325 and A-326. These plates were seen on ex-military trucks from East Germany. Later on they got Norwegian provisional plates. The most likely explanation is that these are simply catalogue numbers from the auction where the trucks were sold.

A-322 truck One of the ex-military trucks from East Germany of the make Ural.

DDR crest The crest of the German Democratic Republic was visible on the doors of the above vehicles.

520 GJE Unknown type, possibly Estonian. The driver of the car said it was a Hungarian temporary plate, which is not the case. It has the national coat of arms of Hungary and the dealer name on the plate frame is a well known company in Budapest. But Hungarian plates have the letters before the numerals and don't have the coat of arms. If it is Estonian it would have to be a personalized combination within the normal series as the G series didn't reach GJE.

2DS X75 Unknown American series. Front and rear plates looked the same. This is a home made replacement plate. The driver told me he used these plates to avoid having the real ones stolen. He claimed this was a New York registration, but to my knowledge it doesn't fit any issued series.

401 IEP Probably an American registration remade on plates with what looks like the same colours as Norwegian military plates use.

401 IEP Close-up of the above.

059 ZDK Netherlands/ Texas. Trailer with 1975-90 normal series Texas registration on a plate made in the Netherlands. Probably a Texan who had acquired the trailer in the Netherlands, where small trailers at the time displayed the same registration as the towing vehicle. A genuine Texas trailer would have a different format registration and plate size.

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