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Before April 1st 1971 Norwegian license plates had a one-letter code denoting the county where the vehicle was registered. If a car was sold to another county or the owner moved the registration had to be changed accordingly.


Black on silver Cars, buses, coaches, lorries, trucks, trailers, mopeds, motorcycles.
White on green Agricultural tractors and agricultural trailers (since 1960).
White on red Dealer/ trade plates (since 1926).
Yellow on black Vehicles not allowed on public roads (tax-free)(since 1960).
Black on amber Military (since 1945, numeric only since 1957).
Red on amber Military test plates (since 1945, numeric only since 1957).
Black on light blue Provisional plates for vehicles awaiting registration (since 1947).

Numerals:Up to six.

All vehicles, except military, were registered in one series. In 1958, Oslo reached A-99999 and started issuing three pairs of numerals without county letter, from 10-00-00. The other counties that reached 99999 continued from 500000 with county letters. Military plates had a suffix letter denoting the service until 1957. Since then they have been numeric only.


A - Oslo
Six numerals (12-34-56) - Oslo (from 1958)

B - Østfold

C - Akershus

D - Hedmark

E - Oppland

F - Buskerud

G - Vestfold (until 1929)

H - Telemark

I - Aust-Agder

K - Vest-Agder

L - Rogaland

O - Bergen

P - Svalbard (from 1967)

Q - Temporary tourist plates

R - Hordaland

S - Sogn og Fjordane

T - Møre og Romsdal

U - Sør-Trøndelag

V - Nord-Trøndelag

W - Nordland

X - Troms

Y - Finnmark

Z - Vestfold (from 1929)

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